Personal Development

Powerful strategies towards transformation

“Personal development is making conscious choices to improve one’s life to become a person you know, understand, and like and to continue growing as an individual. It’s taking steps to improve yourself, such as learning new skills and overcoming negative habits.”

No one is going to take care of you as well as you can.

When a baby begins its journey from conception its growth is monitored very carefully, if the baby is not growing as expected this may mean that the baby is not thriving and when born could be weak and sickly or it could be dying.   I hate to sound morbid but it’s true we need to keep growing and developing.  As adults we measure our growth in different ways even though we are fully developed in the physical body we still have the need to grow at an emotional, spiritual, self-awareness level. Unhappiness, unfulfillment, fear can be the result of not giving personal attention to ourselves.

My journey of personal development

My own journey of personal development began almost by accident 21 years ago. I watched Tony Robbins on TV, then I did a workshop with him, I remember walking out of his seminar thinking OMG there is a whole other world out there and so much of me that has not been discovered. I was awake at a very conscious level and this was exciting as I knew there was so much more potential for me as an individual to discover,  that was the beginning of my journey, I was off! watch out world I have arrived.  I have always wanted to be the best version of myself and that meant looking at the parts of me that I didn’t want to own because without accepting them as they were, I knew I wouldn’t be a whole person.

The benefits of personal development:

Develop happy and healthy relationships firstly with yourself

Rid yourself of past events that are holding you back

Be in control of how and where you want your life to go

Understand your negative thoughts and let them go

Embrace all aspects of yourself

Create a work-life balance


Active listening

Self-esteem and self-confidence

Emotional intelligence


Clear and strong boundaries

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

There are many aspects of a person’s life such as in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (see below). We start off at the bottom of the pyramid with our basic needs such as food and water, followed by security and safety, then we keep going up the pyramid.

Why do some people go through life being happy and content getting all their needs met while others struggle to get their basic needs met? This depends on the environment to which we belong. The environment is either growing and thriving or it’s on shutdown and survival. Our environment is our family – are they encouraging and loving or angry and unsupportive? Our friends – are they positive and caring or are they into addictive behaviours and put us down? I think you get the picture. Other parts of our environment are the workplace, where we live, what we think about being healthy, is what we eat and drink going to benefit our bodies.

Our environment is either healthy for us at a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level, or it’s not and it’s up to yourself to be aware of what is not working for you, and what doesn’t serve you.

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Powerful strategies to Transform lives via relationships

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Counselling, Gestalt therapy, Psychotherapy, Family Constellations, and Clinical  Hypnotherapy.


The type of therapy I use with a client is dependant on their issues and their current situation.  It’s not always appropriate to use a certain therapy if the client is not ready, I will always work with my clients, meeting them where they are at in their current situation.

Marriage / relationship issues

Over the past 10 years, I have developed my skill set significantly, I see clients for a variety of issues and concerns.  I specialise in working with couples who are having relationship issues, these issues can anything from, anger issues, infidelity, lack of communication, earlier trauma or abuse, behavioural issues. 

At times I have a client who is unclear on why they are seeing me or they have trouble describing what they feel.  This is perfectly fine, it’s my job to support you and guide you through this initial process. 

My clients start from 18 years and above. However, I do see families as a whole and at times I  see the children individually but for more individual issues I recommend that parents take their children to a therapist that specialises in working with children.

No, appointments can be on a casual basis.


The work that I do is usually fast and effective this does depend on the situation and the individual but psychotherapy does resolve the issue at a core level then the trigger will no longer occur.  There are no promises with regards to timing its best to have your first session and I usually have a clearer answer then, once I have time to evaluate your situation. 


You can phone 0406 005 177 or email to book an appointment.  Alternatively, if you would like to talk to me before you decide to book, or you have a query, I offer a free, no-obligation chat to help you attain further clarity.

No, I am unavailable to accept a mental health plan.