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Visit Pearl Counselling in the heart of residential Thornlands. We provide experienced and thoughtful counselling services with great results.

We created the Thornlands Counselling centre to provide counselling services for residents throughout the Redlands Coast and Bay Islands including Stradbroke Island, Macleay Island, Russell Island & Peel Island.

We provide down to earth counselling service, listening and guiding clients towards solution. We truly care about our clients and want to see continued growth in their lives. Our Thornlands counselling room is a safe, comfortable space where you can talk privately to a professional and qualified counsellor one to one.

Where Are We Located?

Our Thornlands counselling room is located south-east of Brisbane in the heart of the Redlands. It’s only a 20 minute drive from our new Capalaba counselling room. Our Thornlands centre sits within a beautiful residential area which provides easy access for clients in the surrounding areas of Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Cleveland and Mt Cotton. Our address is 68 Waterline Boulevard, Thornlands 4164, not far from the Pinklands sporting complex.

Why Pearl Counselling Thornlands?

At Pearl Counselling we’re dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. We understand that some issues are difficult to talk about, so we operate with confidentiality and privacy in mind. We aim to create a safe space where you can privately share with a qualified and experienced counsellor one on one.

Whether your concerns are past, present, family related, personal or something else entirely, we will listen to you with respect and without judgement. Pearl counselling can help you start your healing journey today!

Our Services

At Pearl Counselling, we are dedicated to helping you overcome the difficulties you’re experiencing and lighting a path towards happiness and contentment. Our experienced and qualified counsellor will listen and work with you to resolve and overcome challenging situations. We provide a number of different services including:

Marriage Counselling

  • Loss of communication, lack of intimacy, infidelity and anger can cause stress on couples and marriages. Thornlands Marriage Counselling works with you to improve your relationship and rekindle your flame.

Family Counselling

  • Families are an interesting and oftentimes complicated mix of relationships. Our Thornlands Family Counselling is solution focused, providing you with real world tools to improve your family relationships.

Grief and Loss Counselling

  • Grief is an inevitable part of our lives, but it doesn’t mean you have to experience continued sadness and pain. Thornlands Grief and Loss counselling is here to improve your life and help every step of the way.

Relationship Counselling

  • We experience many different relationships in our lives (Partners, children, colleagues and friends to name a few). Thornlands Relationship Counselling can help to reduce stress and improve relationships.

Individual Counselling

  • Individual counselling in Thornlands can help you identify what might not be working in your life. We will give you the tools to overcome stresses, challenges and improve your life.

Additional Services

  • We provide counselling for Anxiety / OCD, Depression, Phobias, Anger, PTSD, Teen & Child Counselling, Low Self Esteem, Bullying, Communication Breakdown and we also run workshops

How To Get Started

If you would like to take the first step to a better life, contact our Thornlands Counselling Centre on 0406 005 177 or email You can also use our easy contact form and we will be in touch.

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