Neuro Trance Psychotherapy

by Diane Rooker


This process works quickly and effectively

A person will experience many situations during their life, some pleasant others are more difficult and each event if significant to the person can leave either a positive or negative footprint in their life and has the potential to be passed down to future generations. Our current life starting from the womb and previous generations can and do influence a person’s current personality.   Some of these influences may present as symptoms such as anxiety, depression or triggers that can set off a negative emotional state.  This is where EMI can be a great assistance to having a harmonious life.

  • EMI – Emotional Mind Integration is a Neuro Trance Psychotherapy. A process founded by Yildiz Sethi. It is based in humanistic and family constellation philosophy.
  • EMI is used quickly and effectively in the resolution of psychological and personal emotional issues, such as depression, anger, panic attacks, low self-esteem, inner conflict, trauma, fear, addictions, phobias, abuse and sexual abuse, weight issues, adoption, sabotage and generational issues.
  • EMI is also effective for the use in Personal Development, financial, relationship or career and you are either blocked from moving forward or you sabotage your success to drop back or stay stuck in that familiar but unwanted place.
  • EMI can help to resolve this issue quickly.


We all have a family of emotions within us, sad, happy, angry etc and when these emotions can be felt and expressed they can leave the body or just settle but when they are being suppressed, they are unable to be felt or expressed then they can get stuck in the body and then can cause negative symptoms.  How we use our emotions forms our personality, our emotions let us know who we are.


It is in our mind where we think, and this has a direct effect on the emotions,  how we think plays a great importance on the state of our emotions.  Whatever we think about our body believes to be true, so if we think horrible thoughts or have negative beliefs then our body will not feel too good as it will produce a negative emotion and the opposite is also true.


As humans we have a need to live in harmony to be able to grow and thrive when our inner states, the mind, and the emotions cooperate by connection and communication then integration can take place, once the disruptive part is integrated and complete then the  trigger will no longer be present.

EMI works quickly and effectively

EMI works to restore neural pathways, at least one pathway can be resolved in one session. It is designed to locate the source of the issue, resolve it and release it freeing the client to move forward with a new perspective, the client leads a life without the negative symptoms such as depression etc

  • EMI is Safe and there is no further chance of retraumatization.
  • The client does not need to retell their painful experience
  • The process can still be effective without the client being able to recall the original incident
  • 90 % of people who have EMI make remarkable positive changes within 3 to 5 sessions
  • No need for months or years of therapy, saving the client time and money and giving back the quality of life.

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Anyone who is experiencing personal inner conflict, trauma or a disturbed emotional state We all carry some kind of baggage from our current life starting from childhood or it can be generational EMI will work with both scenarios incorporating family constellation if the issue stems from a previous generation.

People can experience triggers, they are in a certain situation or experience a behaviour in the other and its as if someone flicked a switch and the person is transformed to experience a negative emotion or behaviour.  This is all done at an unconscious level, there was a point in time when this began and it hasn’t been able to be resolved,  leaving the person to be triggered, without having the ability to stop it.  This is frustrating for the person and their loved ones.  EMI will locate the original source of the trigger, leaving the client with a new perspective and neural pathway.

Here are issues that work with EMI.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Panic attacks
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Inner Conflict
  • Fear
  • Addictions
  • Adoption
  • Weight
  • Phobias
  • Trauma
  • Sexual abuse

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