Relationship / Marriage Counselling Package

Package   –  Six – one hour appointments – 6 hours of counselling in total

Included in Package: 

  • 6 x one hour appointments
  • 2 couples sessions and two individual sessions each 
  • Saving of $83 when paid in full .
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Another option 

Not sure if the package is for you?

You can choose to Pay as you go at the casual rate for a one-hour session, meet Diane ask any questions you may have, you may then choose to leave the sessions casual or take advantage of a package.

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Package will be available at any time and are at a discounted hourly rate.

Diane is happy to discuss all options with you.

Why a couples package?

The Counselling I provide for couples is a process, a system addressing the three main problem areas quickly and effectively using specific techniques and modalities of which I am experienced and qualified in.  For couples to receive the most benefit from counselling a commitment of 4 appointments would be beneficial and highly recommended.

In order to Re-Ignite who you are as a couple, you first need to Re-Store who you are as individuals and as a couple, clearing out what no longer supports or serves you as an individual and as a couple.

(If you have a muddy pool and you tip a little clean water into it, the water will always be dirty, but if you drain the mud out of the pool, then fill it up with clean water the pool is swimmable again)

I provide the process and commitment and you provide the willingness.  Each couple’s issues are unique to that particular couple so the needs within each package will be unique to your situation.

In order to Re-Store what once was great, events from the past that are affecting the present need to be cleared out, to then be able to Re-Ignite who you are as individuals and as a couple to maintain a happy & fulfilling marriage.

Re-Store and Re-Ignite packages came to fruition to provide couples with the best chance of success in moving forward towards a happy and fulfilling marriage, where both individuals’ needs are satisfied.

It takes about 10 years to start seeing cracks in a marriage, to be walking slowly but steadily in separate directions. I offer a Fast Track to be walking on the same path once more.

Could you commit time to Re-Store and Re-Ignite your marriage?

(Extra sessions may be required depending on each couple’s / individual’s needs)

How To Create a Deeper Intimate Relationship With Your Partner

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