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“Turn the conflict around and
Re-ignite the passion you felt for one another”

From birth to 7 years of age creates the foundation of a person life, the beliefs about love, relationships, self-esteem, resilience and their identity and their place in the world. This will continue into adulthood, and usually cause issues within a relationship if not dealt with.

Benefits of Re-store & Re-Ignite packages for Relationships.

The Counselling I provide for couples is a specific process and that is why I have introduced the packages,  I have extended the length of each appointment to 90 minutes to be more effective in one appointment and it’s more beneficial when couples attend at least 4 appointments.  

Re-store the relationship to where you are both happy and satisfied.

Re-Ignite the love and passion that you both have experienced together.

  • Gain a new perspective about yourself and your partner
  • Deal with conflict in a healthy way
  • Walk on the same path together again
  • Re-ignite your passion for each other
  • Learn new skills and tools, how to communicate and problem solve etc…
  • Clear unhealthy habits permanently
  • Discover new rituals
  • Learn the differences between men and woman
  • Resolve old family patterns
  • Plus much more.

Being in a marriage/or a couple is usually a very intimate relationship which will need the most care and attention out of all relationships.

A marriage is in need of regular attention, when two people take the step to be married or become a couple, it’s lovely but you have also taken on the responsibility of caring for another persons needs. After being together for some time regular confrontation may develop between the couple and then slowly but consistently they start to walk on different paths. That’s usually when they come and see me.

Couples say…
She always nags me,
He doesn’t listen or understands me
We don’t do anything fun together anymore
I don’t have control of how much I can spend.
There is no intimacy or connection
All that we do is argue
The same issues are coming up, we just go around and around in circles.

If this sounds familiar you are not alone.

Why do relationship problems occur?

  1. Personal issues

Negative behaviours, patterns, experiences need to be removed permanently to genuinely be able to experience a happy and fulfilled life. I use EMI Emotional Mind Integration for these issues.  EMI is a humanistic approach to therapy, it is used quickly and effectively in the resolution of psychological and emotional issues such as depression, anger, anxiety, low self-esteem, addictions, phobias, adoption, weight issues, sexual and emotional abuse. Once these issues are resolved they are no longer causing conflict within the relationship. Neuro Trance Psychotherapy

  1. A generational issue

How our forefathers and mothers lived their life has a direct impact on the following  generation. You feel angry but not sure why? You do the same negative behaviour or physical illness that your parents or grandparents have experienced. Were there family secrets, was a death that was not spoken about, were family members excluded, do members of your family feel like they don’t belong?  all of these examples plus more can have an impact on your family system.  I use Family Constellations with these particular issues, this process is fast and usually resolved in one session, leaving the individual free to live life without the burden of the past family members.  Family Constellations

  1. Issues between the couple.

When personal and generational issues are cleared we still need the skills to lead a happy life together and most of us do not have the correct knowledge, to do this effectively.  Not having the correct skills to handle a difficult or problematic situation. The missing skill could be, being able to communicate effectively, how to handle my frustration, how to parent where we are both happy, how do I slow down or stop my negative thoughts and make them peaceful, how to get your needs met etc, Taking the steps to work on what you already have your love, marriage, family is to create a solid foundation and to build your marriage around it

You have already committed years to each other, marriage counselling could give you and your family many more years together.
See our Packages Below




Couples / Marriage Counselling Packages

Package   1 –  Four appointments

Two payments options

Option 1

One payment of $597

Paid in full before the first appointment

Option 2

Two payments of $315

Payment 1 due prior to the 1st appointment

Payment 2 due prior to the 3rd appointment

Included in Package: Bonus of two additional hours within this package 

  • 4 x 90 Minute appointments
  • Sessions are as a couple and individual
  • Ongoing appointments available at the bonus package price
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Package  2   – Six appointments

Two payments options

Option 1

One payment of $897

Paid in full before the first appointment

Option 2

Two payments of $465

Payment 1 due prior to the 1st appointment

Payment 2 due prior to the 3rd appointment

Included in Package: Bonus of 3 additional hours within this package 

  • 6 x 90 Minute appointments
  • appointments are as a couple and individual
  • Ongoing appointments available at a bonus package price


  • 15 min phone support per person.
  • Copy of Love languages book per couple
  • Additional 3 hours of counselling included within this package
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Another option 

Not sure if the packages are for you?

You can choose to Pay as you go, book a one-hour session, meet Diane ask any questions you may have, you can then choose to leave the sessions casual or take advantage of a package.

Contact Diane to make your appointment 0406 005 177

Packages will be available at any time.

Diane is happy to discuss all options with you.

Why packages?

The Counselling I provide for couples is a process, a system addressing the three main problem areas quickly and effectively using specific techniques and modalities of which I am experienced and qualified in.  For couples to receive the most benefit from counselling a commitment of 4 appointments would be beneficial and highly recommended.

In order to Re-Ignite who you are as a couple, you first need to Re-Store who you are as individuals and as a couple, clearing out what no longer supports or serves you as an individual and as a couple.

(If you have a muddy pool and you tip a little clean water into it, the water will always be dirty, but if you drain the mud out of the pool, then fill it up with clean water the pool is swimmable again)

I provide the process and commitment and you provide the willingness.  Each couple’s issues are unique to that particular couple so the needs within each package will be unique to your situation.

In order to Re-Store what once was great, events from the past that are affecting the present need to be cleared out, to then be able to Re-Ignite who you are as individuals and as a couple to maintain a happy & fulfilling marriage.

Re-Store and Re-Ignite packages came to fruition to provide couples with the best chance of success in moving forward towards a happy and fulfilling marriage, where both individuals’ needs are satisfied.

It takes about 10 years to start seeing cracks in a marriage, to be walking slowly but steadily in separate directions. I offer a Fast Track to be walking on the same path once more.

Could you commit time to Re-Store and Re-Ignite your marriage?

(Extra sessions may be required depending on each couple’s / individual’s needs)

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