Release the weight of the past and learn a new way moving forward.

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Are you struggling to build lasting and loving relationships?

Do you have feelings or behaviours that are confusing, frightening or are holding you back?

Are past events affecting your current happiness?

Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Individual counselling &  Psychotherapy is to support men, woman, and teens.
The one-hour sessions are held in a nurturing and caring environment.

Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy provides a time for you to:

  • Share your thoughts, feelings and concerns with Diane, and discover what may not be working in your life.
  • Creates time where you can stop and reflect, check in with yourself and discover your authentic self.
  • To live a life that you want to create.
  • To explore the parts of you that have been hiding for fear of rejection.
  • It’s a chance to learn how to understand and accept those disowned parts and become more whole, without fear of judgement.
  • Learn to let go of anxiety, fear and anger.
  • Learn how to create a life that you want.

There are many benefits of individual counselling:

  • Find your own peace and happiness
  • Learn how to have self-acceptance and a positive self-esteem
  • How to find your own joy.
  • Rid yourself of past events that at are holding you back.
  • Create a life you want to live.
  • Learn new tools, gain wisdom to bring into your future
  •  Understand you and what your needs are and how to achieve them.

The benefits of individual counselling are different for each client. As a counsellor, I accept that each person is unique and take an individual approach for everyone. When we have a connection, we have awareness—and with knowledge, change will occur.

Contact Diane if you would like to talk to her prior to making an appointment.


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