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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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Couples often say. "We are just going around and around in circles, same problem different week".

I have worked with hundreds of couples and there is a distinct pattern and theme in their behavior that has led them to seek relationship or marriage counselling, hence I have created the five foundation pillars towards a loving relationship to provide further support after their counselling is complete so they can keep working on connecting and creating the relationship they desire

The 5 Pillars to a happy & satisfying relationship

We all have the inner wisdom to heal and recover. With the right environment and support a relationship does have the ability to go from shut down survival, to growing and thriving.

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Problems within an intimate relationship are not always an issue between the couple as such....

The core of these issue/s  may have been present well before the individuals became a couple. 

This issue is either childhood or a systemic issue. ( family of origin) The issues can become more apparent when the couples experience life stressors, such as financial, parenting styles or illness, etc.  The issues can be seen as triggers, such as responding in an over-reactive or defensive manner, etc to certain situations,  together with the inability to effectively communicate causes the couple to have unmet needs leading to be unhappiness, hopelessness, and frustration.   The divide between the couple becomes wider and wider.

Why work with me?

My counselling style is solution-focused. Using Psychotherapy to address the core issues and a more cognitive approach to provide new skills & knowledge moving forward. The couple can then have a new perception of themselves and of their partner’s needs and can continue to transform into a mutually satisfying and loving relationship.

I provide counselling for husband and wife, unmarried couples, same sex couples, pre engagement, engagement and pre marriage therapy and post marriage counselling before or after divorce, including marriage crisis counselling. The session can be in person couples therapy or online (virtual) couples counselling 

Reasons Why Couples Seek Relationship or Marriage Counselling

Unhealthy communication styles- yelling or don’t talk.

Financial or emotional stress

Loss of trust due to past verbal, physical abuse or infidelity

Needs not met due to being ineffective communicators

Lack of intimacy & love

No clear personal or relationship boundaries

Anger is affecting your relationship

Past trauma/events are still coming between you

Beneath every fear,
lies the pearl of hope

Zero to Seven years of age creates the foundation of an individual’s life and their perceived identity in the world, it’s like an imprint on how an individual views life based on previous experiences. And every individual has their own unique lens.  An individual’s previous experience does influence how their current reality is viewed. And you can appreciate that we all have had our own past experience there are no two realities that are the same. You can see how it can be confusing if one individual believes that their partner is looking through the same lens.  Even siblings who have been raised in the same home can and do have a completely different perception of life.

Take That First Step To Improve Your Relationship

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Counselling Packages

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Diane Rooker Relationship Counseller

Marriage & Relationship Counselling Process

Powerful strategies to transform relationships

Most couples come into their first session feeling quite nervous but very excited and happy by the end of the session as they have hope again.

Session 1

This is always a couples session
  • This is needed so everything discussed has been transparent and we are all on the same page.
  • Both partners have an opportunity to disclose their views on what is their issues are.
  • Each partner will be listened to equally with respect and understanding in a non-judgemental environment.

After the initial session as a couple each partner may be seen individually, then come back as a couple. We will talk about this after the first session.

Session 2

In most cases, they are individual sessions.

Why individual session:

  • On many occasions, the issues the couple are experiencing is due to unresolved past or childhood issues

  •  It’s a different dynamic working one on one and I am able to understand the client at a deeper level hence understanding underlying facts that may be a contributing factor.

  • It provides a safe space for the client to disclose elements of themselves that they are only able to in this type of setting.

Transforming relationships:
Putting couples back on the same path again

Learn Powerful Strategies to Transform Relationships.

As a Qualified and experienced marriage & relationship expert, I will support you throughout each step of the process to enable you both to work towards having these new skills becoming an unconscious part of your relationship.

“Pearls don’t lie on the sea-shore if you want one you must dive for it”

Transform Relationships

Marriage/ Relationship Package

Powerful strategies to transform relationships

With purchasing the package you will receive six, 1-hour sessions in total at a discounted rate.

 There are times when further sessions may be required

Included in Package:

Not sure if the package is right for you?

You can pay as you go at the hourly rate, come in and meet me, you may have questions? It’s important that you both feel comfortable.

You can decide after your initial session, no pressure

I am happy to discuss all options with you.

Why the couples package?

1. With experience comes wisdom.

I have worked with many couples and for the majority, I see there is a  real clear pattern occurring between the couples presenting issues and concerns, there is no ‘new’ story just couples people having a similar shared experience.  By applying the marriage process,  I can address the problem areas quickly and effectively using specific techniques and modalities. However I do approach all new couples and their situation is unique to them, I meet them where they are at to get the results they desire.

2. Commitment to the process.

When the couple makes the decision to take the package option there is a level of commitment to working on their relationship and this can provide hope and the couple can go from feeling unsure or  anxious to feeling more relaxed knowing there is a plan in place, which has a positive flow onto the relationship

3. Set and forget.

Payment has been made and the only thing that needs to be focused on is transforming your relationship.

Take That First Step To Improve Your Relationship

I am here to help you every step of the way!

“Beneath Every Fear, Lies The Pearl Of Hope”

Please note:

  • There are no Medicare rebates available.
  • Domestic violence is not my area of expertise however I can see clients individually ( not as a couple) for anger issues or victims of abuse. If this is not clear I am happy to have a chat with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Counselling, Gestalt therapy, Psychotherapy, Family Constellations, and Clinical  Hypnotherapy.


The type of therapy I use with a client is dependant on their issues and their current situation.  It’s not always appropriate to use a certain therapy if the client is not ready, I will always work with my clients, meeting them where they are at in their current situation.

Marriage / relationship issues

Over the past 10 years, I have developed my skill set significantly, I see clients for a variety of issues and concerns.  I specialise in working with couples who are having relationship issues, these issues can anything from, anger issues, infidelity, lack of communication, earlier trauma or abuse, behavioural issues. 

At times I have a client who is unclear on why they are seeing me or they have trouble describing what they feel.  This is perfectly fine, it’s my job to support you and guide you through this initial process. 

My clients start from 18 years and above. However, I do see families as a whole and at times I  see the children individually but for more individual issues I recommend that parents take their children to a therapist that specialises in working with children.

No, appointments can be on a casual basis.


The work that I do is usually fast and effective this does depend on the situation and the individual but psychotherapy does resolve the issue at a core level then the trigger will no longer occur.  There are no promises with regards to timing its best to have your first session and I usually have a clearer answer then, once I have time to evaluate your situation. 


You can phone 0406 005 177 or email to book an appointment.  Alternatively, if you would like to talk to me before you decide to book, or you have a query, I offer a free, no-obligation chat to help you attain further clarity.

No, I am unavailable to accept a mental health plan.