Anger Management Counselling

by Diane Rooker


Is ANGER  a problem in your life? It doesn’t need to be a life sentence

At Pearl Counselling we offer anger management as part of our couples or marriage counselling.

Diane works with you individually and as a couple.


Whilst anger is a normal human emotion for some people it can get out of control, this can lead to many different problems including relationship problems, problems at work and it can also affect the overall quality of life.

Uncontrollable anger can lead to a breakdown in relationships and can also result in violence and abuse. If any of these situations relates to you or your partner it is highly recommended that you obtain individual and/or couple anger management counselling with Diane Rooker.

Diane Rooker is a qualified and experienced holistic counsellor having helped many individuals and couples already to deal with anger, the causes and the effects.

People experience anger for many reasons.

Past traumatic events that are left unresolved can and do cause anger, once they are dealt with working together with a professional counsellor then the anger can leave. Living with Anger does not need to be a life sentence. It can take 2 to 3 sessions using EMI emotional mind integration a form of psychotherapy, its fantastic it as apposed to years of therapy.

  • Feelings of loss of control over your life
  • Major life events such as loss of a family member or unexpected job loss
  • The breakdown of a relationship
  • Financial problems
  • Severe premenstrual symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances
  • Mental illness

Take away the trigger then apply Anger Management if required.

Usually, if you take away the trigger then you take away the anger.  In order to ensure that anger does not impinge upon your life and your relationships, you can obtain help to learn to manage to control your anger if its mild and also to remove the triggers that are causing the anger, then to manage it. Anger does not need to be a life sentence.

There are practical ways to help you when you feel a surge of uncontrollable anger. In counselling with Diane Rooker, we will work on removing this trigger you will be taught strategies to help you to manage this anger to alleviate the impact that it is having on your life.

Equally importantly, Diane will work with you to determine the cause of your anger and help you deal with the root cause, as well as the behaviour caused by your anger problem. For long lasting improvement in your quality of life, it is important to not only manage your behaviour but also reduce the causes of the anger that you are experiencing.

contact Diane at Pearl Counselling today and learn to have a healthy relationship with your anger.


Diane Rooker also facilitates counselling workshops which help with anger management as well as helping with other related issues such as:

  • Decreasing stress
  • Increasing mental clarity
  • Finding new energy
  • Discovering peace
  • Reducing depression; and
  • Improving relationships.

“The Work” is a workshop facilitated by Diane Rooker which focuses on assisting people to take control of their lives, learn how to say ‘no’, to find out how to relax and live without anxiety, depression and stress.

Please contact Diane at Pearl Counselling  for more information.

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