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Diane Rooker

“Welcome to my website. I have a passion for supporting all relationships to be happy and satisfying, either individually or as a couple. Being happy in a relationship means you are connecting well with each other, and to connect well with each other takes dedication and awareness. But don’t worry about that because that’s my job, to provide the guidance and tools. I have helped many clients to achieve the relationships they desire, be it with themselves or as a couple, and I must add that if you want to have a happy and satisfying relationship with a significant other you must first be  well connected to yourself.”

I provide in-person and online (virtual) counselling for families, individuals and couples including same sex couples. I specialise in couple, relationship and marriage counselling including before, during and after marriage

Have you had enough conflict in your relationship?

Are you fed up in your current relationship?

Are you feeling misunderstood, unheard and unimportant?

Have you had enough pain and are you tired of walking on eggshells trying to keep the peace?

Are you tired of going over the same issues over and over again and getting nowhere?

Are you feeling disconnected and frustrated?

Are you becoming a person you don’t like because of your current situation?

Do you feel lonely and unfulfilled?

Maybe it’s time to take the first step to improving your life…

The 5 Pillars to a happy & satisfying relationship

We all have the inner wisdom to heal and recover. With the right environment and support a relationship does have the ability to go from shut down survival, to growing and thriving.

Click here to read about the Pillars

Take the first step to improving your life.

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What clients are saying…​

Holly MorrisonHolly Morrison
08:39 23 May 22
The first word that comes to mind when I think of Diane is 'safe'. I have dealt with so many deep down stresses and triggers with her and feel like a whole new person. My relationship has also grown phenomenally since my partner and I saw Diane as a couple too. I cannot recommend Diane highly enough for either individual or couples counselling. She has changed my life in so, so many positive ways and helped me overcome things that I never thought I would (and some I didn't even realise I needed to!). What she does can seem like magic, despite the scientific evidence behind it 🙂
Jackie SloothaakJackie Sloothaak
00:36 18 May 22
I saw Diane for relationship issues, I found her to be very kind & approachable. She helped me to release past issues quickly and also provided tools to help with moving forward.
Renata ValencaRenata Valenca
01:58 03 Mar 21
I would like to thank Diane and Alex for the Family Constellation workshop held last Saturday. It was very spiritually releasing and a soul enhancing experience. The connection I found with people there was up-lifiting. I left the workshop lighter and in a profound peace. I now recommend it to everyone that wants to improve their life physically, mentally or spiritually.
Sue TaylforthSue Taylforth
12:22 18 Jan 20
I was a little skeptical about hypnotherapy. I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. I saw Diane for weight issues. She explained the process she was going to do thoroughly and answered all my random questions. I believe she has managed to change my relationship with chocolate. I don't seem to search it out any more. I do still eat it but only in small amounts. I have lost 3kgs so far and believe she managed to instill more healthy habits in my thought processes. I would definitely recommend seeing Diane.
Josh AmeyJosh Amey
22:24 17 Jan 20
Thanks to Diane I have overcome so many deep seeded pain bodies that were not only affecting me in the present, but also my relationship with my partner. Through the use of EMI and specific tasks used to explore myself on a whole new level, I have come out with a much greater understanding of myself and have been able to acknowledge the past and move on from all the hurt.Diane has been attentive and compassionate during all of my visits and has helped me in helping myself where I never thought possible.I cannot thank Diane enough for the time and support she has provided to me over a 3 month period to restore my life!
Cath KochCath Koch
05:25 12 Aug 19
I had the great pleasure of attending a Family Constellations at Pearl Counselling. I found the entire experience uplifting and healing. I would highly recommend Diane and her workshops to anyone considering this service.
Alex BAlex B
03:33 17 Jun 19
Such a pleasant experience. My partner and I have gained so much from these sessions and Diane is a wonderful professional to work with. Highly recommended we couldn’t be happier about the outcome 😊

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