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Families come to counselling for a variety of reasons and with different needs. If there is an issue within your family that has…

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The benefits of individual counselling are different for each client. As a counsellor, I accept that each person is unique and…

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Both partners have an opportunity to talk and disclose their view on what may be the issue in their marriage. Each partner…

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My own journey with developing who I was as a person starting 16 years ago. I watched Tony Robbins on TV, then I did a…

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“Take That First Step To Improving Your Life”

We Are Here To Help You Every Step Of The Way!
“Beneath Every Fear, Lies The Pearl Of Hope”



Do you feel: fed up with your current life situation, misunderstood? Have you had enough pain and unhappiness? Are going over & over the same issues and getting nowhere? Disconnected and frustrated with the people around you? Then counselling may be for you. It can be difficult to choose an effective Counsellor, well done you’re on the right track.

I approach my clients with the deepest respect and acceptance and without judgement, in a safe and private setting.

Your issue may be related to yourself, your marriage or with your family. Counselling can help to achieve awareness, answers, education, healing, tools and the ability to resolve problems at a core level giving you the life you deserve.

Services I Provide:

  • Marriage Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety / OCD
  • Phobias
  • Anger
  • PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Teen Counselling & Child Counselling
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Bullying
  • Communication Breakdown.
  • Personal Development
  • Workshops

“I believe that we all have the inner wisdom to heal & recover, with the right environment and support a persons life can go from shut down survival to growing and thriving quickly”

About Diane

Hi, I am a qualified and experience in Holistic Counselling, Gestalt therapy, Effective communication, Systemic & Family Constellations, The work of Byron Katie, TRTP The Richards Trauma Process. I am a mum of 4, two boys and two girls. I have a passion for helping my clients to reach their full potential, I believe that my own life experience’s and wisdom supports me as a caring and understanding Counsellor in providing support and guidance for healing and growth , and in revealing and moving forward from being stuck in the core issue. I have the ability to work with minor issues to more extreme cases of PTSD.

I hold a full membership of IICT.

“As a parent, I knew I wanted a positive and enriching relationship with my children that
would flow into their adulthood, so my journey of self-discovery and education began.”


Trauma & Phobias

Do You Suffer from a Trauma or
an Irrational Fear and Feel Stuck?

I suffered from claustrophobia fear of small spaces, this began via a variety of experiences when I was a child, and it stayed with me well into adulthood. Until I had control over it, the fear was so strong and real it prevented me from taking a lift and not locking doors in public toilets (in case I couldn’t get out) it was disabling and had control of me. Well I am proud to say that I no longer suffer from this fear.

Stop past traumas and phobias from controlling your life, you don’t need to live with their symptoms


What Our Clients are Saying!

Diane I came to you for support around boundaries and communication….and received so much more!

Thank you for your support, guidance and wisdom. I took away with me a set of tools that will support me in my life going forward…both personal and professional!  And look forward to attending another one of your amazing workshops…Thankyou Diane!


I have known Diane Rooker for many years, but recently began working with her as a client in her professional practice. Initially I spoke to her as a counselling client of Pearl Counselling. After that, to build on the very impressive life-management skills I had already learnt, I undertook her PET course late 2014/early 2015. On all occasions and in every forum I have been impressed with her knowledge, skills and humanity. Her ability to gently work toward the root of the problem and to teach new methods with efficacy and empathy are at the highest level. I have recommended her (and the PET training) highly to friends who are having difficulties with their children, and personally witnessed the ability of this unique approach to change the family dynamic without stress. Greater understanding and communication abilities are a beautiful fringe benefit of the method Diane teaches. Her approach is kind, empathetic, yet highly effective and life-changing. If we all did this course, the world would (almost instantaneously) be a better place. I recommend it wholeheartedly to every individual, no matter their life or family circumstances. Its application is seamlessly effective, positive and relieves the stressful thought-patterns that many individuals suffer daily.


Over the past 10 weeks my life has changed dramatically!
In April 2015 I began seeing Diane I have discovered new ways to manage people that I previously found difficult.
Diane has a learning method and environment that was very positive and conducing to learning.
I believe that I will continue to learn everyday with the skills that Diane has given me.

Karen H

Thank you so much Di for a great day of Family Constellations.
It was such an honor to be part of the day and for being a representative in others constellations.  The emotions and physical changes I felt in my body whilst being a representative was truly remarkable.  You made me feel very supported and comfortable throughout the day and during my own constellation.
The events that were happening in my constellation were also happening in my life and with family members.
Since the constellation I believe a healing has occurred with a family member, which has allowed our relationship to grow and strengthen.
Thank you for your wisdom and guidance!! Look forward to more constellations


Thank you Diane.
Our marriage was in trouble when we came to see you; thanks to you our relationship is back on track.  Thanks for the new awareness and tools.

Emma & Jeff

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