Setting Healthy Boundaries for Yourself in Personal, Business and Family Life Helps to Achieve Balance and Satisfaction

by Diane Rooker


We All Need Boundaries

Do you know what your boundaries are, what about your personal space?
Do you know how or when to say No or Yes?
Do you know how to get your needs met?
What are your needs?

I was asked a question the other day, about how I balance my life with my business, and my answer was for me to have clear boundaries.

For me this means:

  1. To be clear what I want for myself, in my business, personal and family life and having the ability to achieve this.
  2. Knowing when and how I work, when it’s family time, and when it’s my time.

I needed to know myself before I could be clear on the above, and then I needed to know how to communicate this without offending the other and still being true to myself.

Boundaries are imperative for everyone. In business, people need boundaries so that work did not overtake their lives. Parents need them so they can also fill their own needs and dreams. Kids who see parents have clear boundaries will make them feel more secure because you are clear about what you want and by parents having boundaries they also model this behaviour to their children.

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