A “Happy” Marriage/Couple

by Diane Rooker


What does “being happy” mean to you? It’s something we want but don’t really understand what it is or how to achieve it.

For me being happy means I feel peaceful, all is good in my world. Let’s take a look at a couple in a relationship, if they are getting along well, they communicate effectively their needs are being met, they support each other, they have fun together and authentically enjoy being together, then I’m sure this is a ‘happy’ couple, life is good.

The feeling of being unhappy may present if the couple yells, experience frustration or anger, needs are not being met or understood, they have no idea how to effectively communicate with each other. Doesn’t sound fun, does it? but its very common in many relationships. And can cause the opposite of happiness.

What is a Happy Marriage?

A marriage or two people in an intimate relationship is being able to be open to the idea that they are constantly changing and growing as individuals and in turn as a couple and let’s face it life happens, we become parents, we lose a job, we have financial worries, the relationship becomes repetitive and unfulfilling. And the couple can begin to walk on separate paths, still seeing the other but becoming more and more distant with each day.

Relationships are constantly changing and we need to learn to change with them, I say to my clients that being in a satisfying and happy marriage is learning how to dance together, the music of life changes then so should the dance and a couple can learn how to do this together. This is where marriage/couples Counselling can help to provide tools and understanding about yourself and your partner so you can learn how to dance well together. No one teaches a couple how to do this, we learn from our parents and hopefully, their role modelling provided you with enough wisdom to be happy, unfortunately, the majority of the time this is not correct and a little guidance and education may be necessary.

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