Depression Counselling

by Diane Rooker


Diane Rooker of Pearl Counselling and Parenting offers depression counselling to adults, teenagers and children. She understands that depression can be a difficult issue for people to face and a delicate issue to treat. Every person is treated with understanding and respect.

As a client, you will be guided gently on your journey to face the causes of your depression, and address changes that may need to happen in your thoughts and your life. Along the way, you will discover your wisdom as you begin to return to living a happy, fulfilling life. You will have autonomy in your progress, and the aim is that you feel safe and nurtured throughout the process.

Depression causes many feelings, sadness, fear, overwhelm to name a few. Regardless of your current state, Diane can quickly assess your headspace and work with you at your pace to address your depression.

Holistic Depression Counselling

Diane is a discreet professional with a Diploma in Holistic Counselling (among other qualifications). The process of attaining her Diploma has given Diane a unique skill set to counsel other people. It required her to go on her journey to discover who she is and heal herself. Her passion is helping others to do the same—to facilitate personal transformation and help people find their divine nature. A big part of this work is to bring unconscious issues into awareness and make the unseen seen.

Find out more about Holistic Counselling.

When to seek Depression Counselling

We can all feel down, sad or moody at different times, especially if we are facing something difficult like a dramatic change in life circumstances or a traumatic event (e.g. the loss of a loved one). These feelings are normal and can stay for different periods of time.  If the sense of depression continues for longer periods then seeking support through counselling may help understand why these feelings are there and provide tools to reduce the severity of these feelings.

Depression often causes you to experience numerous symptoms at the same time. These can include feeling:

  • Sad, empty and numb
  • Hopeless and helpless
  • Worthless
  • Guilty
  • Anxious, irritable and restless (many people experience depression and anxiety simultaneously)
  • Ashamed.

Please contact Diane if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. She can arrange a suitable appointment time and begin to help you on the path to recovery.

Contact Diane for further information or to book a session on 0406 005 177

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