by Diane Rooker


Have you ever…Driven from point A to point B and couldn’t remember the journey in between? Someone just spoke to you and you didn’t hear a word?


Imagine you are breathing your last breaths and as you do you reflect back on your life and you have regret for all the things you didn’t do, will that be you?

I understand that thinking is necessary I am talking about when it interferes with your life and those around you. How much time are you thinking and imagining, rather than actually being present in your life?  If you drove from point A to point B and you don’t remember the journey then you were not present with that part of your life, and you may have missed out on seeing what is real rather than what is not in the mind.

Mindfulness means to pay particular attention to what is going on around you, be there, when you play with your kids make eye contact hug them talk to them, what do you see, hear smell, feel? this will mutually benefit your relationship greatly, after all, they were difficult to give birth to and they cost a lot of money so enjoy every moment.

Being Mindful

It can support you to experience and enjoy your life and to enjoy the experiences you are creating. Sometimes people are worried about the future (the imagination) or the past, (a memory) being in the past or the future often causes stress in a persons life, and you are not experiencing life right now.

  • Cope with stress, anxiety, depression
  • Help to concentrate
  • Be more aware of your body and the environment
  • Slow down the nervous system
  • Help to relax
  • See situations more clearly
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve memory
  • Improve problem-solving
  • Improve your immune system
  • Develop stronger and more meaningful relationships

Who is Mindfulness For?

Being Mindful is for the young and the old, for anyone who would like to be present in their lives and to have a peaceful and meaningful life. I practice this daily in my personal life, and I also use it with my clients, including children, with amazing results.

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