Being Busy

by Diane Rooker


We are human be-ings, not human do-ings.
Do you have a million things on the go?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you feel like you need to be busy to feel useful?

Lately, I have had a few clients who want to STOP either being busy or STOP feeling guilty about being busy, or just to slow down.

We can have a belief that we have picked up on our way of growing up, and it gets watered and fed every day by our thinking.

“I’m important when I’m busy,”
“I’m lazy if I don’t have many things on at one time”
“I am valuable if I am busy”
“My life has purpose if I am busy”
“Being busy will make me successful”
“Everyone else is busy so I must be too”
“I’m happy if I am busy”etc

I help my clients discover the core of these negative beliefs, and they create new and positive ways of thinking, creating new pathways in the brain using many modalities.


– The Work of Byron Katie, Mindfulness and much more.

– Mindfulness and much more.

I love being able to do more than listening to my clients and providing them with a variety of tools to use to support themselves.

It comes back to boundaries again and being clear about what you want. Being busy can be very tiring and there is no guarantee that you will even be more productive or more successful. In fact working less can be more productive. Doing less can lead to greater success as you can be more open to opportunities that present in the moment that could actually lead to greater success.

Book Recommendation

The Power of Now is a book I can recommend about being in the NOW learning how to be present in your life.

Eckhart Tolle is recognised as one of, if not the greatest spiritual teacher of our time. He wrote this book even though everyone told him it was a waste of time. They said that it was old information and therefore why to bring it up again. But this information is timeless. The present moment is all we actually ever have, however, most of us live in any moment stressing about the past or the future, instead of just being and appreciating being alive. The power of now is one of the most powerful books that can help you to have a happier and more in the moment life.

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