TRIGGERS – How EMI Emotional Mind Integration can help.

by Diane Rooker


Are triggers and repetitive disruptive behaviour causing you or your relationships a problem?

Are you sick of experiencing the same negative patterns in your life?

Are you ready to have it leave you completely within a matter of 3 – 5 Emotional Mind Integration sessions (at times only 1 is required)

What do I mean by the trigger?

Past experiences that are unfinished cause the person to repeat the disruptive behaviour in the form of a trigger, let me explain further.

I’m sure you have witnessed someone being perfectly fine one minute then for no apparent reason they change quite dramatically. This change maybe shutting down turning within and not talking or the person becomes abusive / aggressive; these extreme responses are called triggers. (some triggers are not extreme) Most of this behaviour is very childlike and as an adult it’s not acceptable. The adult may be aware that this behaviour is not ok but cannot stop it once they have been triggered. Part of their emotional state is disturbed and stuck back at the time of original event.

These triggers lay deep within a person and they have no conscious understanding of why they react this way. The trigger could be as simple as someone using a specific word such as you ‘should’ or ‘need’ to do this, it could be a certain look that someone is giving them. It could even be a total stranger that looks their height, weight etc a certain way and they are triggered.

How does a trigger work?

These things that cause the triggers, remind the person of an unpleasant past event. You know how certain smells such as food you had growing up can take you right back to that earlier time with just a smell, well the same is for a negative reaction, this is a trigger. The body has been programmed to remember this event and it’s usually to protect the person from living the same pain again, or there is something in the person’s life that is unfinished. We all don’t have triggers from experiencing a negative event because that person in that situation was looked after and their needs were met.

Imagine if you were excluded from a family, or you were bullied at school, as a child you didn’t have the emotional maturity to know how to handle this situation, so you didn’t and your needs were not looked after by yourself or another, as a result you were left with unmet needs.
Just say the need of safety was not met for the child who was bullied, then this emotional part of the person cannot integrate back into the person in a healthy way so it stays in the person in an unhealthy way, it really needs to be seen so the body creates triggers, and unpleasant emotional states, imagine the child is now an adult and when sensing a similar unpleasant experience say at work or with his partner then bang there is the unhealthy emotion again. This will only stop once the need for safety has been satisfied then the emotion can integrate into the body and be there in a healthy way freeing the adult to lead their life without this trigger.

Having your Needs Met

As humans having your needs met such as Love, connection, autonomy, safety, justice and dignity is important for growth and wellness, and if we are not growing we are in shutdown survival in this place there is an opportunity for Dis-ease to occur. Just as in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs we cannot get to the top of the pyramid, where life is fantastic when we have unmet needs. This is why its important to have them met so the person can grow the wonderful thing is even if that child who was bullied at school is now an adult this need can still be met and satisfied.

Past experiences that are unfinished cause the person to repeat disruptive behaviour .

These unpleasant repetitive patterns can be resolved using a process called
EMI Emotional Mind Integration; it’s a Neuro Trance Psychotherapy.

We use the unconscious body to go to the original event, without having to retell the story, this gives that unmet need what it needs and for the client to communicate what they couldn’t as a child, then integrate this back into the adult, releasing the person from this trigger.

What if the person has a trigger but doesn’t know why?

That’s ok the EMI process will still be able to resolve this issue.

What we are doing is working on a neural pathway.

This process is fast and effective. Usually between 1 to 4 sessions and no chance of re-traumatisation.

EMI works affectedly with these symptoms.

• If Depression
• Anxiety
• Anger
• Panic attacks
• Low Self Esteem
• Inner Conflict
• Fear
• Addictions
• Adoption
• Weight
• Phobias
• Trauma
• Sexual abuse

Contact Diane to either make a 90-minute Emotional Mind Integration appointment or if you have any further questions about this cutting-edge modality.


Maslow's hierarchy of needs

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