Understanding Your Behaviour and Communication—Why You do Certain Things and not Others

by Diane Rooker


Understanding your behaviour and communication—why you do certain things and not others; why you say certain things and not others—can sometimes be confusing, but trying to understand other people’s behaviour and communication can be downright perplexing.

Understanding behaviour and communication

However, it’s worth investing time in understanding behaviour and communication. Understanding your own is the key to understanding yourself: what motivates you, touches you, annoys you—ultimately, who you are at this point in your life. And understanding other people’s behaviour and communication is an invaluable skill in relationships, friendships, and business.

Diane Rooker of Pearl Counselling and Parenting Programs can help you to understand better behaviour and how to use communication effectively. She has formal qualifications and brings her extensive knowledge and experience to counselling sessions.

What is behaviour?

Someone else’s behaviour is what we can see and hear—all other descriptions of behaviour are a label or judgement. To understand someone else’s behaviour, we need to understand their motivations—in other words, what’s going on in their life. Without knowing more about a person’s life, we can only guess at motivations for certain behaviours, and this quickly leads to assumptions and judgement.

Diane can help you fully understand behaviour in your life.

How to communicate effectively

Being able to communicate effectively will get you a long way in this world: whether in love or the workplace. There are many aspects to communicating effectively, but it all starts with being able to speak from a place of authenticity and truth. It requires you to be in touch with how you feel and what you want, as well as giving you permission to communicate how you feel at the moment.

Diane can help you to communicate effectively.

How negative behaviour affects us

If we participate in negative behaviour—towards others or ourselves—this can only serve to hurt us. And if we allow other people’s negative behaviour to affect us, we can become sad, depressed, and angry—as if we have somehow ‘caught’ the negative behaviour like one might catch a cold. Adverse action is a self-perpetuating force that never gets us what we want.

Diane can help you understand the effect of negative behaviour in your life.

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