How to build Resilience & Self- Esteem in Teenagers: When social media is a ugly drug epidemic

by Diane Rooker


Before Social Media

Today’s world is very different to what I grew up in. We had one phone in the house and it was in the dining room, there was no privacy when I spoke to my friends / boyfriend.

If we were having a disagreement with someone it usually stayed within a small circle, we could go home cry to our mum, head back to school the next day and the disagreement is usually forgotten and things go back to some type of normal.

After Social Media

Today you have a disagreement; by the time you go home a substantial amount of the school and friends of friends is aware that something is happening, then that night more people know about it and by now its been totally blown out of proportion, they are saying things about you that are not true but the power of social media is so strong and righteous that even if you could say something you are made to be wrong, a slut, a bully etc.

You return to school the following day and things don’t go back to normal this disagreement has gained momentum you get horrible looks from people who you thought were your friends but they are no longer there for you, you feel alone. Needs of safety, connection and security are not being met and yet you need to go back into that environment (school) every day.

Expectations on kids today are higher, to get good grades to have the perfect body to have material things and when they cant meet these expectations their biggest enemy is themselves, they abuse themselves emotionally and physically on a daily basis, how can we have high self esteem if they are beating themselves up on a regular basis.

How do Teenagers recover from this?

I am seeing so many more kids with anxiety, depression, cutting and the suicide rate is climbing in younger people, this is a worry and needs to stop. Teens need to know how to build resilience and self-esteem so they learn to be like Teflon where negative comments don’t stick and cause lifelong pain.

What are the benefits of seeing me?

• They are heard and their needs are understood
• They learn about healthy boundaries.
• They learn how to say no or yes authentically, to trust themselves.
• They learn about body image
• How to understand and deal with negative thoughts.
• What’s their place in the family and the world
• What is their real identity, who are they?
• Leave baggage of the past behind so not to carry into the future.
• And more.

Imagine having this awareness and learning these tools when you were a teen.

Contact me today to start helping your teen.


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