How Unhealthy Patterns Wreck Relationships & How to Create Healthy Patterns.

Creating Healthy Patterns and Boundaries

How to Create Healthy Patterns in Relationships I want to examine how unhealthy patterns play havoc for couples in their relationship and how new healthy ones can be created through couples’ counselling.  Every couple I see is different with their own unique experiences and patterns, however, there is a common thread that connects the majority […]

Five Pillars to Support a Happy & Satisfying Relationship

Diane Rooker Relationship Counseller

There are many aspects that are needed to make a relationship happy & satisfying. I have worked with hundreds of couples and their unawareness of the Five Pillars and how they should be applied is very common.    Couples come in to see me feeling frustrated and fed up going over the same issues, again and […]

Your Unique Roadmap to a Happy Relationship

couples counselling Wynnum

Your Unique Roadmap to a Happy Relationship An intimate relationship is unique to the couple. Our childhood and past experiences will define how we view certain situations and people.  Everyone has a lens that is unique to them. And if an individual looks at the relationship through their own lens only,  they will not have […]

Three types of couple relationships

Valentine’s day has just been and gone and I hope it was a nice day for you loved up couples out there. Unfortunately, the couples that I see are not in a great place as a couple. Instead of sharing love and affection, they may share harsh and painful words or there is no communication, […]

Back to school – Helping your child survive the first few weeks

back to school

How to help your child survive the first few weeks of the school year. After raising 4 children who were all different,  I can honestly say that parenting has been the most rewarding experience ever. It’s also been the toughest on my emotions because when my kids are upset I’m sure I was hurting more […]

5 tips for reducing stress at Christmas

5 tips for reducing stress over Christmas

Christmas is  a beautiful time of the year. Families get together, gifts are given and meals are shared. 2020 has been no ordinary year and it has affected many families in a negative way, causing more stress. So here are 5 tips for reducing stress at Christmas, which I hope can be helpful  as we […]

How to Connect with Your Partner

Pearl Counselling Blog How to Connect with Your Partner More Effectively

Humans are creatures of habit and patterns in how they connect with themselves and each other. I want to focus this blog on couples and how they connect within their relationship. Is their ability to connect healthy or destructive to the relationship? The start of a relationship can be relaxed, happy and full of passion. […]

How Couples Can Create A Healthy And Happy Relationship

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Relationships are not always easy, even good relationships have their fair share of ups and downs. If you are not happy 80% of the time then maybe someone with a deeper knowledge of relationships can be supportive and steer you towards happiness. When couples have issues, they either talk about it towards finding a resolution, […]

From Grief to Greatness after Divorce

From Grief to Greatness after Divorce

Today I want to talk about, why there is so much pain after separation and how this can with time and knowledge begin to heal. When two people go through a separation of a marriage or relationship, they begin to feel the effect of grief within the five stages – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and […]

What Makes Couples Drift Apart & How To Come Back Together

What makes a couple walk on separate paths and how to come together again? When a couple initially starts to date, they are usually walking on the same path; they are connected physically, emotionally, enjoy the same things, they enjoy being together they are in a love bubble. If it’s all that lovely, then why […]